Frequently Asked Questions

1.       I’ve never done yoga before, can I still join your class?

Appleton Yoga’s classes are designed for all levels of ability and fitness.  Yoga is a personal journey and you are encouraged to work with your body’s capabilities, gradually building strength and flexibility.  You should never feel pain or discomfort during any of the exercises and if you do, simply come out of the pose and rest


2.      What should I wear?

Loose stretchy clothing is best that allows you to bend and move without constriction, such as a tracksuit or leggings and t-shirt.  Bring along a sweater / fleece and have a pair of socks handy for the relaxation phase.

3.      Do I need any equipment?

Appleton Yoga has a number of mats and props available for you to borrow when you first start.  As you progress, you can purchase your own mat, blocks and straps.

4.       I have a particular health condition, can I still do yoga?

Most health conditions can be helped by Yoga.  When you join the class you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire an you should bring to the attention of your tutor any conditions you have that require modification to poses.  If you have an injury, sustained between classes, please let the tutor know so they are aware and can make modifications for you as necessary.

5.       Is it OK to eat before a Yoga class?

In Yoga classes, we bend, twist and stretch the body in ways that may be uncomfortable if you have recently had a meal.  Ideally you should not eat for 2 hours before a class.  If however, you fell that you may become hungry or feel weak / light-headed during class , a light snack and drink 30 minutes before the class should be OK.  You are welcome to bring a drink to the class and take it when you need during the session.

6.      I am pregnant, Is Yoga OK for me?

Appleton Yoga runs separate yoga classes specifically designed for Pre- and Post-Natal ladies.  See the relevant pages on this website for more details.

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