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De-stress Yoga

Modern life puts many demands on our time and energy, mind and body.

Appleton Yoga’s De-Stress Yoga addresses these demands through deep relaxation, breathing exercises and gentle physical poses (asanas).   Stress and worries result in tension throughout the body as well as in the mind.  De-Stress yoga focuses on these tensions and aims to gently release them, leaving you feeling more at ease, both mentally and physically. 

Our time together is wonderfully soothing, giving your mind space to rest and renew whilst your body receives a gentle yet challenging workout.  You will emerge with a greater sense of overall well-being, ability to cope with the demands upon you and improved vitality.

Regular yoga practice will lead to the following benefits for your body and mind

-          Improved and corrected posture

-          Improved muscle tone and a slimmer body

-          Improved flexibility and reduced stiffness

-          Re-alignment of the spine and the reduction / prevention of back problems

-          Improved fitness and energy levels

-          Improved circulation and nervous system

-          Reduced stress levels

-          Improved self esteem and self confidence

-          Improved resistance to illness and overall health

-          A more youthful appearance

A number of my classes are early evening and after a long arduous day at work, what better way to relax and refresh your mind and body at the end of the day than yoga?

Appleton Yoga offers you the chance to wind down, rest your mind, relax and rejuvenate your body. An hour of gentle yet challenging physical poses (asanas) plus deep relaxation and breathing techniques will leave you feeling full of vitality, refreshed and raring to go!

Enjoy feeling the tensions leave the body, your mind become more peaceful and your energy levels return.

Private 1:1 Yoga
Maybe you would prefer to have private 1:1 yoga coaching and therapy.  Appleton Yoga can accommodate your request and deliver this at a venue of your choice.  We can focus on a particular aspect of your health and fitness, include chair massage therapy as needed to complement the yoga programme designed specifically for you.  Mats and props are available.


Small Group Yoga
Or perhaps, you and a small group of friends (maximum 4) would like to have a private class for yourselves, to treat your bodies and minds to some wonderful relaxation and gentle exercise.   Appleton Yoga is able to facilitate your request and deliver private sessions at a venue of your choice.  Mats and props are available.

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